Innovation Requires Sacrifice

Innovating means…

You spend whole days trying things that probably won’t work, with no pay.

You turn away clients to spend whole days trying things that probably won’t work, with no pay.

You bang your head against the wall for weeks because everything you’ve tried doesn’t work.

Everyone else seems like they are doing better than you.

The first version of your product might have some flaws.

People might not understand what you’re trying to do, because they have their own preconceptions.

It might not ever work.

But it also means…

You know you’re doing something new and different, and that’s priceless.

You can’t wait to start work in the morning, because that thing that didn’t work yesterday might work today.

It might actually work, and…

…you might create something incredible.

Don’t ever stop innovating.

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Posted by Scott

  1. Amen. A great reminder. Don’t stop. 🙂


    1. You know it Brent. You still owe me $500 from WCPHX! I kid, I kid


  2. Keep at it bro! You’re on the edge. Keep the fire burning and keep trying those new things. I’m joining you there and cheering you forward man.

    Thanks for the inspirational post!

    Don’t Stop!


    1. Thanks Verious!


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