Today I’m excited to announce the WP-App Project: a free, open-source mobile app for WordPress site management.

The idea is to create a customizable mobile app for WordPress site owners to manage their posts, pages, comments, media, etc.

What’s that you say, a WordPress app already exists? Ah, but not like this. No sir, not like this.

With this app, you’ll be able to write a simple plugin that adds a section to the app. Let’s say you are the developer of a successful forms plugin. You will be able to create an add-on for your product that adds management of form entries to this app, without touching any app code. An Ecommerce plugin developer could make a plugin that adds sales statistics to the app (with authentication of course).

Or say you just created a very custom site for a client, and they don’t use blog posts at all. You can remove the Posts page from the app, and instead add your custom CPTs.

This app uses the WP-API, which is very easy to interact with. It will be free and open-source, and I would love to have you help with the project.

This app is for you, it’s not for me. It’s not a product, and it’s not for sale. It’s so you can have a mobile app in your hands to hack and customize, without submitting anything to the app stores, or writing app code. Work with me to make this the coolest WordPress app ever.

This is not an AppPresser product, it’s totally open-source and free, but I wrote more about it on the AppPresser blog.

I need your help to make this app a reality, please read the post on the AppPresser blog to find out how you can help.


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