About Me

I am a husband and father living in southern California.

After being an entrepreneur for 10+ years, I accepted a role at GoDaddy as a principal software engineer in 2022.

Scott at Macworld
Presenting at Macworld

I write about things that interest me on this blog, which is usually business, money, and software development.

I’ve created several products with varying levels of success. Here’s a brief timeline of my career:

  • 2008 – Started as an in-house web designer, then went freelance
  • 2010 – Started a premium WordPress theme company, reached $15k/mo
  • 2012 – Launched a SaaS focused on fitness professionals
  • 2013 – Co-founded AppPresser
  • 2015/2016 – Launched Reactor & WooCommerce Smart Checkout
  • AppPresser surpasses $1M in revenue (all-time)
  • 2017 – Founded Holler Box
  • 2022 – Sold Holler Box
  • 2022 – Joined GoDaddy as a Principal Software Engineer
  • 2022 – created a React component library adopted by internal teams
  • 2023 – built an API driven checkout product for Managed WooCommerce Stores
  • 2023 – won internal ideathon with an eCommerce AI assistant
  • 2024 – built the AI assistant into a framework used across GoDaddy. Branded as Airo, it was featured at investor day. (It actually powered 4 of the demos) Stock went up significantly after these demos (7%)
  • 2024 – won the One System internal award for my work on the AI framework

I’ve presented at Macworld, New Media Expo, Loopconf, and several WordCamps.
Find me on Twitter: @scottbolinger