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  • React Native Video Recording, Saving, and Playback

    I’m working on a video app for React Native that records video, saves it, and plays it back. This post is to explain how I did it. Choosing a Video Recording Module I tried a few different options before I settled on one that worked for me. I tried react-native-camera, react-native-camera-kit, and react-native-beautiful-video-recorder. I ended […]

  • For loops vs Array methods in Javascript

    When dealing with arrays in Javascript, you frequently need to find an element inside the array and take it out or mutate it. This requires iterating over each item of the array with a for loop or an Array method like Array.find(). You may think these Array methods and for loops are interchangeable, but using […]

  • Typescript Basics for Javascript Developers

    “The main benefit of TypeScript is that it can highlight unexpected behavior in your code, lowering the chance of bugs.” – Typescript Documentation Typescript tells your code editor what your code is supposed to look like so that it can warn you of errors as you type. The benefit of this is mostly code hinting […]

  • 5 Critical Javascript Methods You Need To Know For React

    While working with React, Vue, Angular, and other frameworks, I find myself writing lots of normal Javascript while working with arrays. Methods like slice(), shift(), find(), filter(), and map() are all over my React app code, but I’ve never prioritized digging into them. I went way too long copy/pasting someone else’s code from StackOverflow, and […]

  • One Liners to Edit Object Arrays in JavaScript

    If you have an array of objects, for example Posts from the WordPress REST API (or WP-API), how do you manipulate them? Let’s say we make a GET request to an API endpoint, such as We get back an object array, we can oversimplify it like this: If we want to find a certain […]

  • Headless WordPress with Gatsby

    Headless WordPress with Gatsby

    I just released the Gatsby theme I use for this site, called Gatsby Theme Publisher. Update 10/19: this theme has had a lot of updates, and has moved to a new repository. I’ve updated the post to reflect that. This site ( uses WordPress as a back-end, and Gatsby as a static front-end with the […]

  • Progressive Web Apps – 3 Reasons To Say Screw the App Stores

    Progressive web apps are all the rage these days. Many articles have been written about the technical aspects, but I wanted to give some real life examples of when a PWA is a better option than putting an app in the app stores. If you don’t know, a PWA is an application that utilizes modern […]

  • How to Submit a Gravity Form While Offline

    I get requests to build apps with offline form submission every so often, so I thought it would be fun to build one. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to build a web page on your site that works while offline, and can submit to Gravity Forms on your website when it regains a […]

  • Cordova In App Purchases – Validating Subscriptions

    I recently built a fairly complex in app purchase system for a client that uses recurring subscriptions. It allows users to purchase a recurring subscription which gives them access to membership content in the app. Recurring purchases are quite a bit more complex than one-time purchases, because you have to keep track of when the […]

  • Building a WooCommerce REST API Mobile App

    Recently I updated my WP Ionic project to include WooCommerce REST API support, just for fun. It’s become a pretty cool little app, so I thought I’d share it along with some things I learned. Here’s the tl;dr: It’s fast, really fast Variable products, shipping, and payments are the pain points There are pros and […]