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  • Dynamic Content with Gatsby and WordPress

    Gatsby is a static site generator, but it can also do dynamic content. It’s built on React, so you can use all the dynamic stuff in React along with your static content. This creates what could be the perfect pairing for a lot of websites. Static content for speed, scalability, security, and SEO, with some…

  • Announcing Static Fuse: Gatsby + WordPress

    Announcing Static Fuse: Gatsby + WordPress

    I got really interested in Gatsby recently, and started creating themes and websites with it. I decided to make things official, and started a project called Static Fuse. Static Fuse is a collaboration with Justin Hall to help developers, freelancers, and agencies build Gatsby + WordPress sites. Justin and I have been working on this…

  • Why JAMstack Is So Hot Right Now

    Why JAMstack Is So Hot Right Now

    A lot of people are talking about JAMstack right now, and for good reason. Many sites been using this stack for years, it’s nothing new. So why is it such a big deal?