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Announcing Static Fuse: Gatsby + WordPress

I got really interested in Gatsby recently, and started creating themes and websites with it. I decided to make things official, and started a project called Static Fuse.

Static Fuse is a collaboration with Justin Hall to help developers, freelancers, and agencies build Gatsby + WordPress sites. Justin and I have been working on this stuff separately, and we decided to team up for this project.

We started Static Fuse because we found that while Gatsby is great, there are a lot of problems to solve when developing with WordPress.

Right now we have mostly been working on our Publisher theme, and a Netlify deploy plugin called Gatsby Toolkit. The longer term goal is to create a set of opinionated tools that are framework-ish, in the sense that they will have standardized ways of doing things. We are working on solving a lot of problems using WordPress with Gatsby, and creating a stable foundation, so that developers can build sites for clients.

Justin and I recorded a short podcast on who we are, what problems we are solving, and why.

We also released a tutorial on how to build headless WordPress sites with Gatsby using our free tools.

Everything is free and open source, we’d love your feedback.

Lastly, give us an upvote on Product Hunt!