React prop hooks

When creating a component in React, we can use props like this: This works, but there are a couple of downsides. If your component has a lot of props, and a lot of logic, it can make a large file that is hard for other developers to read. You may want to reuse that logic… Continue reading React prop hooks

2022 Mobile Statistics

Everyone knows mobile is important, and statistics get thrown around all the time. Many of them are outdated, or not that relevant, so here are a few that are recent and interesting. Stats are taken from, and According to Baymard, mobile UX is getting better but still not very good.

Joining GoDaddy

In 2013 I had an idea about creating mobile apps for WordPress websites. I approached some partners and we launched AppPresser in early 2014. I have had an incredible time learning and growing as an entrepreneur and developer. 8 years later I am starting a new adventure. I am very excited to announce I have… Continue reading Joining GoDaddy