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  • How Do I Increase Product Sales?

    I recently answered a Facebook post that asked: For the past 4 years I’ve been able to sell 10-20 products per month, how do I increase sales? In the past I might have told this person to do more content marketing, buy Facebook ads, or redesign their website. In fact, that’s what the other answers […]

  • Re-thinking discounts. Kind of.

    A while back I wrote a post about a bunch of ways to run discounts. At AppPresser, we’ve always been in favor of discounting, as long as they are timed appropriately. I don’t think it hurts our brand, it gives people who are on the fence a reason to take the leap. Our biggest month […]

  • The Real Cost of That “Easy to Build” Feature

    I recently sent out this tweet, judging by the number of RTs and likes it struck a nerve: I sent this tweet while building a new integration for my product. It turned out awesome, but it’s going to create a lot of changes to our infrastructure, so I have to consider the cost of releasing it. […]