My New Site: The Product Business

I have a problem, maybe you can relate.

Writing on my personal blog doesn’t make money, and doesn’t get many readers, so it’s last on my todo list. That means I hardly ever publish on it.

I’m still passionate about products, so I did some soul-searching and decided to move my business writing to a new site.

It’s called The Product Business, and it’s a place to learn about about building and selling products. You can read my first post Why We Build Products on the homepage, or see a couple other posts on the blog.

I have several other posts ready to publish, and they are some of my best work. I plan on having a podcast as well, but no promises on that one.

I don’t have any big plans to monetize the site, it’s really just a place to share what I’m learning. I hope you’ll check it out, and subscribe to that list.