WordPress and Generosity

People in the WordPress community took me to school today, but not about coding or business. About generosity.
First, I had a 1 hour phone call with Shane from Modern Tribe. The call was just helping Brad and I strategize about AppPresser, pricing, marketing, etc. It didn’t really help Shane build his own business at all.
If you don’t know Shane, he runs a very successful WordPress consulting and product business. They deal with big name clients, and do very well with their Events Calendar plugin. He has better things to do than talk to me about a product that he has no stake in, I assure you.
Instead of working on his very long todo list, he took an hour of his time to just to share the strategies with us that he could have kept to himself. The things he shared with us were incredibly useful, and he could have looked at us as competition and just not taken the call.
I hope more business owners are as generous as Shane, I will certainly aspire to that myself.
Later in the day, I posted a dumb tweet about company Christmas gifts…

Curtis McHale (@curtismchale who I don’t know really at all) DM’ed me and asked for my email. I’ve never met Curtis, I don’t even think we’ve exchanged an email.
He wanted my email so he could look up my Amazon wishlist to send me a Christmas gift. What incredible generosity!
I thought that was so cool, and it really took me by surprise. I now hope to get to know Curtis better, he’s clearly a great guy.
Both these displays of generosity have had a profound effect on me. They are small acts in themselves, but they were big in my little world.
Feeling how big these things were to me today, I want to do the same for others. Thank you Shane and Curtis for your generosity, and for your inspiration for me to do likewise.
If you need a WordPress site built, you can find Curtis at http://www.curtismchale.ca.
For a great Events Calendar plugin for WordPress, check out http://tri.be/products/.
The WordPress community is the best, I don’t know if there are any others like it, but I hope so.