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  • A Brand New WooCommerce Checkout Experience

    I’m excited to share what I’ve been working on at GoDaddy for the past several months: a super fast, mobile focused, headless checkout for WooCommerce. This is not a new checkout page template, it’s a completely new experience built from scratch to load faster and help customers checkout faster, especially on mobile. Modern eCommerce checkouts […]

  • How to Make a WooCommerce App with React and WPGraphQL

    I recently made a simple eCommerce app using React, WPGraphQL, WooGraphQL, and the Ionic Framework. It was a fun learning experience, this is a nice stack to work with. I have worked with WPGraphQL before, but I still have a lot to learn, so in this post I will share what I learned in case […]

  • WordPress Transients vs. Options

    Transients and options are both ways to store a value in the WordPress database, but they work differently. A transient is like an option that disappears after a set amount of time. They are used for temporary values, while options usually stick around. tl;dr: Transients expire, options don’t. Use transients for a single value you […]

  • Two helpful functions to build better WordPress plugins

    When writing a plugin, it’s important to realize one thing about WordPress: Everyone’s WordPress site is a hot mess. I’m joking. Kinda. Seriously though, everybody uses WordPress differently, so you need to account for that. These 2 PHP functions will help you avoid errors in strange WordPress environments: class_exists() and function_exists(). Avoiding Errors With Plugin […]

  • Announcing Static Fuse: Gatsby + WordPress

    Announcing Static Fuse: Gatsby + WordPress

    I got really interested in Gatsby recently, and started creating themes and websites with it. I decided to make things official, and started a project called Static Fuse. Static Fuse is a collaboration with Justin Hall to help developers, freelancers, and agencies build Gatsby + WordPress sites. Justin and I have been working on this […]

  • Headless WordPress with Gatsby

    Headless WordPress with Gatsby

    I just released the Gatsby theme I use for this site, called Gatsby Theme Publisher. Update 10/19: this theme has had a lot of updates, and has moved to a new repository. I’ve updated the post to reflect that. This site ( uses WordPress as a back-end, and Gatsby as a static front-end with the […]

  • Client Work Slowing Down?

    I’ve had a few conversations lately with friends who build WordPress websites for clients, and I was surprised to hear all of them say things have slowed down. I thought at first it might just be a certain segment, or maybe just the smaller shops. I asked around and it seems this slowdown is affecting […]

  • The WordPress Product Market is Saturated

    I wrote an article for Post Status about a month ago, it was just published to their blog. In it, I discuss how the WordPress product market is a lot different than it used to be. People started making real money building for the platform around 2008, when there was high growth and low competition. […]

  • WooCommerce to Shopify: Interview with Joel Bronkowski

    I had the pleasure of interviewing Joel Bronkowski, who worked at WooCommerce for many years, and now works for Shopify. My recent post about a Shopify-centered conference got a lot of attention, so I wanted to dive deeper into this topic. I was excited to hear from someone with experience in both WordPress and Shopify, […]

  • Perspective on WordPress

    I just got back from an eCommerce conference called Content and Commmerce Summit. It was very different from the WordPress conferences I usually go to, and it gave me a lot of perspective. I go to the same events every year, and talk to the same type of people. I love WordPress, and so do […]