WooCommerce to Shopify: Interview with Joel Bronkowski

I had the pleasure of interviewing Joel Bronkowski, who worked at WooCommerce for many years, and now works for Shopify.

My recent post about a Shopify-centered conference got a lot of attention, so I wanted to dive deeper into this topic. I was excited to hear from someone with experience in both WordPress and Shopify, to get his perspective on a few different things.

I wanted to learn what Joel thinks about Shopify vs. WordPress, how freelancers and agencies are making money with it, and what Joel’s perspective on WordPress is now, looking back.

Here are a few takeaways:

  • Shopify meetups tend to be more focused on growing your business, not as focused on the technical stuff. WordPress & WooCommerce meetups/camps are almost exclusively how to do stuff.
  • Shopify web development is often less developer heavy which is a departure from the traditional eCommerce development model of charging for ongoing development, maintenance and site performance.
  • The Shopify apps/themes space has plenty of opportunities for growth, but is commercially driven by a centralized marketplace run by Shopify. This is a departure from the open-source space where you can distribute more openly but comes with the benefit of quality control, exposure and support.

If you are curious about the Shopify space, you’ll get a lot out of this. Here’s the interview, I hope you enjoy it.


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