EDD Metrics Plugin Released

I’ve been working on a new plugin for Easy Digital Downloads called EDD Metrics, it’s now released on the WordPress plugin repository.
This plugin gives you valuable metrics on your business with comparisons to previous periods. If you are familiar with Baremetrics, this is basically a copy of that.  I love Baremetrics, but it just doesn’t work for the type of business I have.
WordPress based businesses like mine use a mix of payment gateways, recurring and one-time payments, discounts, renewals, and more. The gateway itself does not provide enough details to get the metrics I wanted, you have to get those from EDD itself.

Download the Plugin

To use EDD Metrics, login to your WordPress admin area, go to Plugins->Add New, and search for EDD Metrics. You can also download straight from the repo here.
Find the metrics under the Downloads side menu, under Metrics.
If you find any bugs, please report them on Github here, not on wordpress.org. Also feel free to contribute!
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The Metrics Dashboard


The revenue detail view



Here’s a couple of animated gifs if you want to see it in action.

EDD Metrics Dashboard
EDD Metrics Revenue Detail

Included metrics

  • Revenue
  • Sales
  • Average revenue per customer
  • Estimated yearly revenue
  • Estimated monthly revenue
  • Refunds
  • Discounts
  • Renewals, and renewal rate (if EDD Software Licensing is active)
  • Subscriptions (if EDD Recurring Payments is active)
  • Earnings by download
  • Earnings by gateway
  • New customers

All metrics can be viewed for any time period by using the date picker in the top right corner of either screen. It’s all ajax based, and there is a 15 minute cache to speed things up. This plugin doesn’t work great for long time periods if you have a lot of sales, but should be fine for most shops. If you’d like it to work better feel free to contribute 😉
Have fun, post issues on Github, and share on Twitter!
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3 responses to “EDD Metrics Plugin Released”

  1. Adrian Avatar

    Hey Scott,
    Really useful plugin, thank you. I’ve just set it up over at https://www.cozmozlabs.com
    It offers great insights on some key metrics for every WordPress product business. Personally I’m found of the “Earnings by downloads” graph, as well as the “avg per customer” amount.
    I’ll make sure to leave a review on wp.org as well.
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Scott Avatar

      Thanks Adrian!

  2. Steven Gliebe Avatar

    I’m excited to try this. Was expecting to pay for it. Renewal Rate should be interesting to watch for anybody moving to a subscription model for licenses. Thanks for this!