Javascript, APIs, and the Future of WordPress

Javascript, APIs, and the Future of WordPress

Automattic just announced Calypso, which is a radical new interface for

It replaces the old admin experience with a faster, more modern approach. It uses a Javascript framework called React, which was developed by Facebook. The main advantage of React is that it’s supposed to allow development of web and mobile apps using a similar codebase. now uses an API to communicate with a Node server, instead of processing with PHP. The advantage of this is that it’s much faster and more interactive, and there are no page refreshes. It’s the same approach that makes many mobile and web apps tick, and it has the performance many users have come to expect these days.

This is a huge shift for, and it’s a major milestone for WordPress in general. Even though many sites and apps have already been taking this API driven approach, this marks a huge shift in WordPress development philosophy.

The question I’m wondering is, where is this all going? What does this shift mean for developers, products, and WordPress core?

I’ve been working with Javascript apps and WordPress APIs for over a year now, and I have a lot of thoughts on the subject.

Is WordPress going 100% Javascript?

The admin is now all Javascript, but it’s important to note that websites hosted on are still using PHP like normal. The front-end facing sites have not changed, but could they?

It would be super cool if WordPress sites could all be single page web apps, the same way that the new admin is. Unfortunately, it will be a very long time until that happens.

WordPress core will support an API as soon as the WP-API is fully merged, sometime next year. Posts and pages are not hard to turn into an app, it’s all the stuff added on top of core in themes and plugins.

Fun fact: Node/PHP is not an issue here, you can still run single page web apps without Node.

Themes are less important with an API

If a WordPress site is 100% API driven, a theme will not be used at all.

Themes don’t have anything to do with an API driven WordPress, you won’t even need one on your site. That’s not to say there won’t be a visual component, but it will be all javascript templating. One example of this is mobile apps created with Reactor.

That’s not to say it’s impossible to use a theme and the WordPress API, that has already been done and will continue. In this case theme developers will require an entirely new approach to the way they build themes. Instead of thinking about template tags and a functions.php file, developers will be using Javascript templating and MVC frameworks.

One interesting concept is a WordPress API theme.

WordPress API Themes

WordPress themes are dependent on PHP right now, but if you are using an API, you could build a theme out of HTML/CSS/JS.

Instead of looking like this:


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