My First Decentralized App with Ethereum

I recently went through the Buildspace course tutorial to build a web3 dapp using Ethereum, and it was super fun. I built a smart contract using Solidity and Hardhat, and deployed it to the Rinkeby test network.

The project was to “wave” to someone by posting a comment that gets published to the blockchain with their personal wallet address. I customized this to post golf scores as a type of public handicap tracker.

I wrote the smart contract that posts data to the Ethereum blockchain, and even awards a token to anyone who posts a score. The front end is built with React. It was super fun and I learned a lot!

You can see it here, and post your own scores! You’ll need a Metamask wallet, connect to the Rinkeby test network, and make sure you have some ETH in the wallet (get it from a faucet). It doesn’t cost anything, and it doesn’t store any private information.

You can see the code for the smart contract here, and the code for the front end React app here.






One response to “My First Decentralized App with Ethereum”

  1. Bernd Avatar

    Congrats! I’ve already failed in the configuration of hardhat. :-/