Podcasting to Get Out of My Bubble

I didn’t want to do a podcast.

I’m not a radio personality type of guy, and it wasn’t appealing to me. Recently I started to feel too much in my own world, like I wasn’t meeting enough people and expanding my horizons.

Since my product is WordPress based, I mostly go to WordPress conferences, and after a while it starts to become a bit of an echo chamber. This is not a criticism of anyone but myself, the people in the WordPress community are diverse and working on a variety of amazing things. I just wanted to branch out a bit.

Since I have young kids I can’t travel as much as I used to, and podcasting seemed like a good way to have some hallway conversations I’d been missing out on.

I didn’t want to create another WordPress podcast. I can’t talk about Gutenberg anymore, I’m just tired of it to be honest. It’s not that exciting to me.

For The Product Business podcast I’m focusing on bootstrappers building software products more generally, and having my WordPress friends on as well as people working with other software.

I’m stunned by how much I’m enjoying doing this.

I’ve had great conversations with folks like Justin Jackson of Transistor.fm, Jordan Gal of Carthook, and Jack McDade of Statamic, as well as WordPress friends like Justin Ferrinman and Brad Touesnard. Man we’ve had some great conversations!

I never wanted to have a podcast, but now I love it. I talked with Justin Jackson about how I’d do it even if no one listened. The podcast is really just an excuse to meet interesting people and talk shop, which I find tremendously valuable. I’m expanding my network and learning new things, it’s nice to get out of my own head once in a while.

In episode 1 with Justin Ferrinman we talk about how he sold massage chair vending machines, how LearnDash was profitable within 48 hours, and how consultants are undervalued in our space.

Other episodes feature Justin Jackson talking about his struggles building Transistor.fm, Brad Touesnard revealing some details about his business I’ve never heard before, and other great guests like Brian Casel and Jordan Gal.

Subscribe on Apple, Google, Spotify, or on my website.

I hope you’ll give The Product Business podcast a listen, and if you get half the value out of it that I do, it will be well worth your time.






2 responses to “Podcasting to Get Out of My Bubble”

  1. Hashim Warren Avatar
    Hashim Warren

    Love this!
    I remember kicking off my old site with a series of audio interviews. I did it to serve my audience, but I ended up getting the most value out of it! I became friends with some of the people I interviewed, even though I was essentially a stranger before they agree to talk.

  2. Ian Avatar

    Testing out your new comment system. Sounds awesome