The Real Prize

I was driving to work today thinking about all the things I have planned for this year, and I couldn’t wait to get started.
I am so energized by my work right now, and so excited about all the possibilities. Sometimes I wish it would all just be done in an instant, or that I had started this years ago.
If all of my ideas for this year were implemented already maybe I could have more money or more employees. Maybe I could have sold my company and have 7 figures in the bank while sitting in my beach house.
Maybe. But what’s after that?
I see people who sold their company and then they just start another business. Why don’t they just sit on a beach somewhere?
It makes me realize that this is it. This is the prize.
Being energized about what I’m doing. Learning, improving, growing.
Life doesn’t suddenly become perfect with some far away fantasy of having lots of money and nothing to do. The real prize is right here, right now. Enjoy it.